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          Latest News:
          · Chinese Market Eyes Pakistani Handicraft Products    · Pak-China enterprises reach consensus on trade of disinfection supplies    · A Pakistani lady's Chinese article won first prize in Beijing    · Cultural Exchanges to create even closer Friendship between China and Pakistan    · Rise of KPK as Trade Corridor    · China punishes 16 institutions, merchants for refusing cash payments    · Chinese banks report net forex purchase    · Pakistan approves Rs 37.9 billion Pak-China OFC Project Phase II    · Italy interested in investing in CPEC projects in Pakistan: Envoy    · Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi represents Pakistan in the 17th virtual ACD Ministerial Meeting   
          Five years on, AIIB's saga of contribution to economic growth, social progress persistscooperation with more parts of the world.
          China's foreign trade defies virus odds, ends 2020 on record highs
          China will continue to extend support to Laos in its fight against COVID-19 and is actively considering aiding the nation with vaccines, President Xi Jinping said on Thursday.
          China will tighten measures and procedures to curb arbitrary charges on enterprises, according to the State Council executive meeting chaired by Premier Li Keqiang on Wednesday.
          Chinese A-share assets are likely to continue outperforming most overseas equities in 2021, thanks to the country's robust economic recovery and the inflow of capital from foreign investors and domestic residents, experts said on Thursday.
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